Computer Science
Program Assistant
Summer 2022
As a Program Assistant, I provided logistical and academic support to the students on the study abroad program. I also assisted with grading assignments for the Cryptography course.
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
Introduction to Computer Science (1 term), Data Structures (4 terms), Math of Computer Science (2 terms)
Spring 2020 – Spring 2022
As an undergraduate TA, I attended every class and assisted during labs, hosted two review sessions a week for which I wrote worksheets and answer keys, and held individual meetings with students. In total, I worked as an undergraduate TA for 7 terms, from my sophomore spring onwards.
Residential and Program Assistant
Computer Science Camps @ UT Austin
Summer 2018, 2019, 2020
I worked as a camp counselor for four computer science camps hosted by the University of Texas at Austin: First Bytes, Code Longhorn, Cybersecurity, and Robotics (since renamed academies). First Bytes and Code Longhorn are both free camps designed to support underrepresented minority students interested in computer science. As a Program and Residential Assistant I assisted with a variety of labs, mentored students, and led students through day-to-day activities.

Carleton Ballroom Dance Team
Co-Captain: Summer 2020 – Spring 2022, Lieutenant: Summer 2019 – Summer 2020
I work with my co-captain to organize team practices and competitions, coordinate with our coach and other instructors, recruit newcomers, and teach lessons as many as 3 times per week. We are also in charge of designing the curriculum for each term.
West Coast Swing Teacher
Winter 2020
I taught introductory West Coast Swing lessons to college students twice a week.